Surgical Gum Treatments

When a patient’s gum disease has become so severe that it threatens their smile and the health of their teeth, it may be time for more invasive interventions to keep the disease from spreading. At this stage, Dr. Hoffman may recommend grafts or other tissue regeneration techniques to help your gum tissue heal. Patients can read along for more information on these treatments.

Bone Grafting and Soft Tissue Grafting

A bone graft and gum graft are two procedures that are similar in nature, but serve different parts of the mouth. Both procedures apply new tissue materials to the areas, in order to restore shape and volume, as well as trigger regrowth in the area.

Bone Graft

For a bone graft, a sample of bone will be applied to the patient’s jawbone in the area of depletion. This new bone material can be shaped to be as large or as small as whatever area it needs to replace.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

A soft tissue augmentation is similar to a bone graft, except in this case it’s new tissue applied to the gums. This tissue is either regenerated naturally from the patient’s own mouth tissue, is donated from another source, or is removed from the roof of the patient’s mouth where there is no tissue. It’s then grafted onto the gums to improve the appearance and restore a healthy frame around the teeth

Alloderm – Guided Tissue Regeneration

Alloderm is a type of tissue graft that can be applied to the gums, utilizing the patient’s own tissue makeup for the procedure. When constructing this tissue matrix, it weeds out the cells that can prevent regeneration, and leaves behind only good cells that can help the gums to heal.

This formulated tissue is like a Band-Aid formed from your own tissue cells, and is applied to the surface of your gums. Since this Alloderm graft uses your own tissue, your gums will bond quickly with the graft and reduce the time needed for healing.

Contact Us About Surgical Gum Treatment

Gum disease isn’t the end of your smile: here at Family and Implant Dentistry, we have a variety of surgical and non-surgical gum treatments to help alleviate those symptoms and help your gums to heal. Consult with Dr. Hoffman to learn more about which treatment you can qualify for and how we can help in Lincoln, NE.